COLLABORATE - a customer centric approach to office refurbishment

At Most Interiors we understand that no two buildings or clients are the same. As a result, we tailor how we work with each client to meet their specific needs. We understand that every individual project requires a different approach uniquely personalised to that client’s needs and aspirations.

The creation of quality office design and a successful fit-out demands a collaborative process. Our design, project management and construction teams work in partnership with our clients; placing an emphasis on dialogue and communication. We have found that the success of a project is often as much the result of the collaboration as of the ideas which informed it.

obtaining the best brief

We thrive on providing a solution that will meet our client’s needs. We take time to listen and never assume or tell a client what is required. We don’t just ask what a client wants; we ask them what it is that they need to be able to do, how they’d ideally like to do it, and why. It is important to understand a clients’ needs, desires, and priorities in order to offer the office design and build that will help them successfully achieve their goals.

a ‘one team’ approach

We work ‘with’ our clients as well as ‘for’ our clients. The most important advantage of working with this mindset is that it improves communication. As one entity, the most. and client team have more ongoing dialogue throughout the project. This means that the client is involved in the project at every stage and is aware of any issues and can participate in the resolution of those issues if and when they arise. This helps streamline the project process, creating efficiencies which ultimately ensure the project is delivered to the brief and on time and budget.

collaboration in design

All of our clients are directly involved in the design process as this results in a far superior understanding of an office refurbishment project. Client involvement is also hugely beneficial to our designers helping them to accurately draw relevant schemes.

We pride ourselves on delivering an interior design that is bespoke to that particular client and location. We do not have a house style that we turn out time and time again. Our final designs are a result of a creative collaboration between, designers, estimators and project managers and of course, the client themselves.

a flexible build programme

We treat each client as an individual and understand that every client will have different needs for avoiding disruption in a workplace and preventing downtime to key areas of a building. That’s why we work together with our customers to come up with a scheme that works for them to minimise disruption during working hours. We always take a flexible approach and would never dream of telling our clients how a schedule of work has to happen.

Each project is given a detailed build programme with every stage planned out from order confirmation to completion. The build programme is created with each individual client’s needs in mind. For example, where we know that a client cannot afford to have any downtime to their client areas such as reception, meeting rooms and corridors, we often work during evenings and weekends to complete the fit out.

Through our customer-centric approach we aim to build term relationships and deliver value for our customers: A valuable and unique office design, a flexible approach to the build and ongoing close dialogue which creates project efficiencies. It is the result of the value we offer that we have happy clients that come back to us time and time again.

If you’d like to discuss your ideas for an office design or fit-out, call us for an informal chat. We will be happy to demonstrate how our highly skilled team can transform your workplace into a space that will engage employees, inspire visitors and wow clients.

Click here to read a case study of one of our projects that demonstrates our customer-centric approach to office refurbishment. Alternatively, if you’d like to discuss your requirements for an office refit, call us for a free consultation.

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