CREATE - ensuring that every project we deliver is a success

At Most Interiors we pride ourselves on our reputation of always taking a considered, flexible approach to the projects we work on. It is as a result of our hands on care throughout each project, that we have gained a track record for delivering 98% of our projects ‘on time & on budget’. How do we ensure that every project we deliver is a success? Here’s how:

the importance of planning

Effective project management considerably benefits any refurbishment and ensures its smooth running and delivery to meet client expectations. Right from the outset we prioritise the planning stages of the project and do not start any build work until we have a detailed and agreed brief with our clients.

the project brief

A critical part of managing a successful project is to provide a clear and concise project brief which includes:

  • A description of the main functional and operational requirements of the finished building
  • Site survey and space planning
  • Design requirements including 2D and 3D plans (find out more about our design process here.)
  • Timeframe and budget

We don’t rush into any project, we plan everything first so there are no surprises when we do begin work on site. Only when the brief is agreed do we go ahead with purchasing of any furnishings or materials required.

flexible build programme

Each project is given a detailed build programme with every stage planned out from order confirmation to completion. The build programme is created with each individual client’s needs in mind. We work with our clients to minimise any disruption from works and always discuss which areas of the building need to be given high priority to avoid disruptive noise and mess and we take time to understand what hours that space can be available to us during the works. For example, where we know that a client cannot afford to have any downtime to their client areas such as reception, meeting rooms and corridors, we often work during evenings and weekends to complete the fit out.

RAMS (Risk Assessment and Method Statements) process

Every task we carry out on behalf of our client is risk assessed and method statements for each task are produced by the most. Project Management team. A health and safety assessment which contains the information needed to ensure the health and safety of anyone carrying out any construction, demolition, cleaning or maintenance work on your project or site is provided. This ensures that as soon as we have our team working at the site, everyone involved is aware of any risks involved and are fully briefed on how to approach the works in a safe way. These methods are put in place for the safety of both workers and client staff in the building.

dedicated project management

A dedicated project manager is assigned to each project and will work on site throughout that project, for its duration. The project manager meets with our clients on a weekly basis on site to provide a project status update and our weekly progress report.


We produce a weekly progress report that we share at the end of every week with our clients. This report shows the work we have delivered that week and what we plan to deliver by the end of the following week. This report ensures we are accountable to deliver the work within the timeframes agreed and clients are reassured by the visibility they have of how the project is progressing.


Most Interiors has developed project management processes that enable us to deliver successful projects time and time again for our clients.

Whether it’s a small alteration or a major office refurbishment that you need, if you want a truly professional team working on your project, you can take advantage of the premium service that we offer.

From the beginning we will:

  • Assess your needs
  • Establish your priorities and plans
  • Develop an office design to fit your budget
  • Work around your priorities
  • Work to agreed timelines
  • Deliver a high quality product on time and on budget

Click here to read a case study of one of our projects that demonstrates our ability to successfully deliver for a client. Alternatively, if you’d like to discuss your requirements for an office refit or refurbishment, call us for a free consultation.

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