in the spotlight: William Samways

Company founder of Most Interiors, William Samways, explains what led him to start the business and what he hopes to achieve looking ahead.

Number of years in the industry?

I’ve spent 18 years working in or on buildings of all kinds, designing interiors and refurbishing spaces. I’ve managed all aspects of a project from coming up with the original concept to delivering the project through to completion. This breadth of experience means that I understand what can be achieved in different buildings, from historical to modern.

Where does your passion for what you do come from?

My passion for refurbishing buildings comes from being part of a 3rd generation family business. In the 1940s my family ran a prosperous farm. After the Second World War, my Grandfather started a construction company and the farmyard soon transformed into a construction yard. All the kids learned the skills of construction from an early age so the passion is in my blood.

What’s your journey been to creating most?

The family’s construction company eventually branched out to creating and designing office space inside the constructions. My family started Officescape, a design and fit out company with a consultancy based approach. When I left school I joined Officescape as Contracts Director. These were exciting times, as Officescape was one of the very few companies that could manage all aspects of a project from start to finish. Officescape was a success and my brothers and I grew its turnover year on year.

I moved to the Colchester area a few years ago and spotted the potential to offer the same positive impact from interior design that Officescape had made, but this time to businesses in and around Essex and Suffolk. I wanted a new challenge, to branch out and I decided to set-up Most Interiors at the end of 2016. On January 3rd 2017, Most Interiors was born. The rest, as they say, is history!

What would you say you are particularly good at?

This is a difficult question! Throughout my career, I have worked with well reputed clients and have enjoyed success in getting the team both in-house and on-site working together towards the same goal.

I also have a keen eye for detail, but also the ability to stand back and take a look at the big picture. You need both of these skills in office interiors. You need the vision to create an impressive design, but you also need the attention to detail to deliver the quality finish that clients want and expect.

Which things have been your greatest achievement so far in your career?

There are many things that I’ve achieved that I would love to share. When I was a key member of the Officescape team, we gained a track record for delivering 98% of its projects ‘on time & on budget’. That’s something that is a huge achievement.

Another great achievement is the personal feedback I have received from clients over the years. When clients comment on my honesty and reliability I feel a true sense of achievement. Being described as a ‘safe pair of hands’ means a lot to me. It’s important that I am trusted by people. I invest much time in motivating my team to ensure that they are also ALL as customer-centric as I am. I don’t think any business can be successful if these core values are not engrained in the culture of the company.

What makes Most Interiors different from the rest?

At Most Interiors there is a culture of care, trust, transparency, honesty and humility. This is a culture that I live by and the team at Most Interiors do as well. At Most Interiors I offer our clients the same trusted service that I have always done.

What are your future ambitions?

I’d like to see Most Interiors continue to grow and become another successful brand doing what I am passionate about – shaping spaces. Most Interiors has already enjoyed growth in its first year and we will be building on those successful projects this year. I’ve recruited a team of excellent people around me and will continue to look for talented individuals to join us. As long as I am in a position for developing and sharing my ideas for bringing sophistication and class to office spaces I will be happy.

Tell us something not many people know about you?

My passion for shoes. I actually have a quite a big collection, mainly brogues and they must be brown leather.

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