Making the most of your reception area

Your office’s reception area is your company’s first chance to make a big impression on visitors. Every client, visitor and potential employee who walks through your office doors receives their first impression about your company immediately from the layout, design and flow of your reception area.

There are lots of ways to help make sure that the first impression is a good one. In this blog we share why the reception area is such an important part of your office design and our ideas for how you can make the most. of your reception area.

the reception conveys a company’s aesthetic and culture

The reception area is the catalyst of your potential customer’s or potential employee’s first impression. Therefore, it is important to consciously create your reception area by providing a cohesive decor, a glimpse into your brand and some wow factor.

Begin by choosing the message you want to convey. For most companies, the message will tie in with their brand. Whether your business values innovation, creativity, tradition or elegance, it’s important to reflect that message in the design of your reception area and desk.

For example, if you’ve branded your company as fun and vibrant, the main mission of your reception area might be to energize and inspire everyone who walks in. In contrast, if the most important thing for your company to project is a sense of expertise and professionalism, the main purpose of the reception area might be to evoke feelings of trustworthiness, efficiency, and competency.

it creates a better employee mindset

The reception area also acts as a daily welcome for employees. This aspect of the importance of the reception is often not recognised. There is a palpable difference between walking into an office that is dark, cramped and unorganised to entering an office with smart or natural lighting, clear brand messaging, strategic organisation and furniture designed for comfort.

The struggle to retain talent in companies is on the rise and therefore it is important that the reception area boosts your employee's mood and mindset at the beginning of his or her working day by inspiring and reminding them they are part of something greater.

how to make the most of your reception area

Something that is often overlooked is that investing in high traffic areas such as the reception area will give you the greatest return on your office design budget. A durable high-end reception desk and sustainable flooring not only brings out the wow factor in your business, but also ensures that your reception area doesn’t consistently fall into a state of disrepair.

Here are our ideas for aspects of your reception area that you should give consideration to:


While there are many approaches to designing reception areas, it’s about working with the space available to create something functional and memorable. Receiving visitors is just one of the functions of today’s receptions. In larger buildings, they’re often places where employees meet to socialise during breaks and eat lunch – often purchased from in-house facilities.

Most small companies don’t have lots of money in the budget to pay for a big, airy reception area. However, even in smaller spaces, you can do several things to make the area more calming and spacious. You can remove any clutter for a cleaner look. You can downsize the furniture (think sleek, modern chairs). And although it’s not a design issue, you can also ensure that guests aren’t kept waiting in the reception area long, so there’s little chance of things seeming crowded.


When selecting colours for your reception area, create a warm, inviting area that reflects your brand. If your branding colours are too overwhelming or have negative emotional connotations when used in larger spaces, consider using them as accents on a more neutral palate. Areas to accent include trim, cushions and decorative pieces.


If there’s one area where an office’s standard harsh fluorescent lighting might need an upgrade, it’s at the front desk area.

Natural light is generally more welcoming and easier on the eyes than artificial light. If possible, arrange the furniture in a way that maximises any natural light.

However, there have also been plenty of advancements in light bulbs that mimic daylight, and you can experiment with them (and with lighting sources) to see which one gives off the type of lighting that looks the best in your reception area.

Graphics and Decor

Graphics, decor, and accessories can all go a long way toward pulling your reception area’s look together in a way that completes the statement you’re trying to make.

Of course there’s not one way to do this; elements of line, form, texture, and pattern to create a cohesive style. Companies striving to create a relaxing atmosphere might want to add plants or other biophilic design elements to their reception area.

how Most Interiors can help

If you are looking to upgrade your reception area, we can help. From reception area front desks and visitors bathrooms through to the right lighting and living walls we can provide a design and installation solution.

If you are interested in any of our suggestions we would be happy to hear from you to give you more information, so please feel free to contact us.  

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