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Getting the right office storage is often one of the most important tasks for an office refurbishment project. While it may be true that more information is now stored electronically, in fact many businesses are required to have paper copies of certain documents, and to keep those documents for a set period of time. This means that in most offices there is still the requirement to securely store, organise and retrieve material.

What’s more, the blurring of work and home life in recent years, and the development of agile workplaces, means that items such as personal technology are often brought into the workplace meaning that staff need more personal storage than ever before.

the effects of poor storage

Poor storage facilities and cluttered offices can have a negative impact on staff morale and performance as staff don’t want to work in messy, poorly organised spaces. Disorganisation can slow down productivity, result in increased errors as well as negatively impacting a company’s image.

the importance of planning for storage

Effective office storage systems are absolutely critical to an effective office design layout, and the process needs to begin with an assessment of what actually needs to be stored in the workplace. When designing an office, it’s crucial to ascertain not only what’s being stored but the space that it is being stored in. So careful space planning is a key part of the process. It’s also important to think about how and when the materials are accessed and retrieved and by who. By organising storage into work processes, it becomes simple to plan your current storage capacities and build in the room you need for future growth.

Storage can be split into three different groups based on their functions: archive, personal and workstation storage.

archive storage

Archive space is seen as the traditional office storage space where the bulk of  files and equipment are stored. These are usually static areas where materials can be accessed and retrieved quickly.

In an open plan office, large storage units can be used to create a new wall if you are looking to partition areas of the office; helping to define space and set boundaries. Furthermore, this provides staff working in these spaces with a sense of privacy and reduces distractions from those walking or working nearby. In a more traditional office, where wall space may be limited, bespoke units built into alcoves may be an effective solution.

personal storage

In the move from private desks to digital, agile environments, personal storage units can take the form of lockers or lockable pedestals. These provide staff with a private and secure place to change from home to work mode and vice-versa. These solutions help staff to ensure that only necessary items are kept in the office and less relevant materials are stored elsewhere.

workstation storage

Workstation storage occurs around the employee’s desk and is usually specific to their daily tasks. Materials need to be readily accessible so that they are integrated into the work process. When items are outside this proximity, they require the staff member to move away from their desk, breaking concentration.

Solutions such as pedestals are often used in agile environments, and some can be moveable so they can be transferred to the area where the individual is working on that day. More recent innovations for the modern environment include ‘hot boxes’; lightweight carrying cases which can be stowed in lockers and taken to desks for daily use.

example projects

We are working with a number of solicitors’ firms in Essex where storage is always a challenge. While many offices are less paper based than ever before, our clients in the legal sector, still require space for storing archive documents. Bespoke large storage units are the perfect solution to provide the much needed space for current project archives.

We’ve recently completed an office refit for a client in London. The workspace no longer had enough space to accommodate the number of staff using it and, providing only one filing cabinet, was missing vital storage. Most Interiors developed an ingenious solution of adding overhead units above the new perimeter hot desks which provided much needed storage space for the team without getting in the way of where people are sitting.

“I just wanted to say thank you for the job you have done on our office. It is a much nicer environment now. Our staff are happy and we can work more effectively. Our only regret is that we did not do this earlier!” (Jason Williams, Eudelo)


At Most Interiors we can always present a solution with a range of off-the-shelf and bespoke storage options that will put an end to an unorganised office. We provide everything from shelving and office storage cabinets and storage units that can be built into your floors or walls.

If you are interested in any of our suggestions we would be happy to hear from you to give you more information, so please feel free to contact us.  

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