office design for the modern law firm.

The practice of law is changing, moving from a traditionally staid environment to one which moves faster with expectations for working in a more agile way.

Work in the practice of law will continue to become more collaborative, flexible and client-focused. The design of the solicitor’s office is changing to meet these needs. At Most Interiors we understand these changing requirements and have experience in transforming legal offices to the modern workplaces that solicitors now require. We have experience of designing workspaces for law firms that are more technology enabled, with flexibility built in, so that the workplace can easily adapt to and support the needs of the firm in the future.


office design for a modern law firm

space optimisation

Re-evaluation of your space and implementation of strategies such as agile working will increase real estate efficiency. Maximise underused spaces in your property, enable flexibility in furniture and workspace so your interior design evolves with your business plan.

future proofed

An adaptable workplace design will meet the needs of your firm today, but will enable your space to be reconfigured, cost effectively, to adjust to future work styles.


Providing a balance of work settings within the office that give employees the choice of when and where to focus, collaborate, and socialise results in a high-performance workplace and high employee satisfaction.

technology enabled

Technology enables employees to communicate, collaborate, access data, and work from anywhere in person and remotely. Ensure your workplace is designed with technology needs front of mind.

joining everyone up

Communication with colleagues locally and globally is key to building and sustaining client relationships as well as meaningful personal connections with colleagues. A modern office ensures face-to-face and remote meeting requirements are met.

unique strategies

Each law company must select and implement strategies that best reinforce its unique culture and brand. Create an office that feels right for your firm’s brand values and promises, with wow factor that is attractive for staff and clients alike.


Click here to find out more about agile working, the design concept that caters to all of your staff needs and enables your workspace to adapt as your business develops.

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