office refurbishment in listed and historic buildings.

We know that many of our customers, in the legal sector particularly, working in listed or historical buildings believe that refurbishing their office space is going to be a headache. An office refit in a listed building certainly is a more complex proposition. However, all is not lost, because adjusting your office space, if you work with the right partner, might be a lot easier than you think.

what restrictions will you face?

There are three grades of historic building. Grade I are of exceptional interest and make up only 2.5% of all listed buildings. Restrictions to development of Grade II* and Grade II buildings are in place to protect the historic significance of the building. If you want to make ‘material changes’ to a listed property, such as, taking out a wall, building an extension or changing the internal layout, you will have to apply for listed building consent to the Local Authority. Listed building consent applications need to be accompanied by detailed drawings and your reasoning for the works.

It can be more difficult to get this consent, as conservation officers need to take the property’s historical significance into consideration. If planning permission is granted, you may need to use specialist materials or techniques so that you don’t alter the character of the property. (Routine repairs and maintenance are excluded, so long as they are like for like and use materials sympathetic with the building.)

the importance of working with experts

Refurbishing office space in a listed building needn’t feel like a inconvenience if you choose to work with the right partner with the right experience. The most. team is well versed in working within sensitive locations, including the refurbishment and conversion of listed buildings.

William’s background in construction means we understand buildings and the requirements to deliver a successful refurbishment hassle free. We can manage the application process for you, provide the drawings required to obtain consent and work with the conservation officer to achieve results that preserve the character of the building.

example projects

Examples of projects completed include the refurbishment of the Grade II listed building, Victoria House in Cambridge. William worked on various internal modifications of Victoria House including re-space planning which involved dividing certain sections  into offices using partition wall while not compromising the fabric of the building. Another example project is the refit of boardrooms, the visitors toilets in the reception area in the Maltings in Stowmarket.

To make life easier for our clients, we are happy to work flexibly around office hours in order to ensure minimum disruption to your business. For further information about we can help you make the most out of you listed or historic building project, please get in touch.

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