six good reasons why a design and build company is better.

Traditionally the design and build aspects of an office refurbishment project have been treated separately, with separate contracts and work looked after by separate firms. Design and build companies manage both the design and the installation of a project in a single contract which streamlines the approach and results in more effectively managed projects.

When the design and installation phases take place within the same contract and by the same company, several things happen:

  • Timelines speed up
  • Costs come down
  • There is continuous quality control from start to finish
  • Overall risk is reduced because the ownership of responsibility is clear

These are the reasons why using a design and build company is a better choice for your office refurbishment project:

One Point of Communication

The most important advantage that working with a design and build company offers involves communication. Design and build firms inherently have better communication, because interior designers,  project managers and installers work together in one team. As one entity, the team can serve the client better and manage communication internally. Any communication issues that come up can be handled much more quickly when all parties work for the same company. What’s more, the client does not need to manage the communication and sometimes mediate or resolve issues between separate firms.

One Experienced Team

A design and build company can draw on different skill elements required for a project without having to go outside resulting in many efficiencies, including time saving. A design and build company will take on the responsibility for all of the following elements of a refurbishment:

  • Project estimation
  • Site assessments
  • Initial design proposal
  • 2D/3D visualisations
  • Project management
  • Installation
  • Post-installation follow-up care

Project Efficiency

Design and build firms streamline the experience for clients because they manage both design and installation consistently. Instead of having to deal with separate firms, which may have completely different ways of managing the client experience, office owners benefit from working with one company offering one approach to delivering the project.

Working with separate design and installation companies can lead to confusion, as builders might misinterpret the interior design plans or deal with unexpected issues while trying to install or build the design. With one company, all parties collaborate on the office design from day one.

Cost Efficiency

The design and build approach is more cost effective because working with one team results in efficient planning and execution that can shave thousands off the project budget. Labour makes up a substantial portion of every project’s budget, and is reduced through a more streamlined approach.

The same company is responsible for pricing all project aspects, this means also that the client has full overview of the total project costs right from the start. A thorough investigation into likely issues before the design takes place allows for more accurate budget projections. Design and build firms can keep costs under control and reduce the likelihood of serious miscommunications or financial mishaps arising from paying two different firms for project services.

Shorter Timelines

The less complicated the project process is, the less time it will require to come to completion. By choosing a design and installation firm that provides all the skills required to deliver the project from start to finish, processes tend to be more efficient, which leads to shorter project timelines.

Because they work in the same company, both designers and installers participate in the design process. This means installers inform design decisions, and vice versa. Potential issues are discovered earlier and workarounds are devised, reducing the number of delays.

Higher Quality

With a design and build approach, quality control happens under the same umbrella, throughout the project. Improved communication, processes, budgets, and timelines all contribute to a better quality service. When office refurbishment firms own projects end to end, they take full responsibility and also own the outcome. Interior designers have much more influence over the materials used, and installation is monitored more closely. Change requests and enhancements can be more easily reviewed and discussed, when the design and installation are part of the same entity.

How Most Interiors Can Help

Most Interiors offers both office interior design and office installation services in-house. We have developed project management processes that enable us to deliver successful projects time and time again for our clients.

We are able to offer our clients the creativity, experience and professionalism of our collective team.

Whether it’s a small alteration or a major office refurbishment that you need, if you want a truly collaborative team working on your project, you can take advantage of the design and build service that we offer.

From the beginning we will:

  • Assess your needs
  • Establish your priorities and plans
  • Develop an office design to fit your budget
  • Work around your priorities
  • Work to agreed timelines
  • Deliver a high quality product on time and on budget

In summary using a design and build company such as Most Interiors has clear advantages. In addition to better communication and client experience, office owners end up with lower costs, higher quality, and shorter timelines than the alternatives.

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